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5 tasty ideas for Chrismas Cookie

5 tasty ideas for Chrismas Cookie

Our cities are already full of lights, a Christmas Tree is shimmering in our living room and we have already bought the first gifts… yes, Christmas is just around the corner! During the most beloved feast in the world, there is always some place for big dinners and delicious sweets… notably a lot of colorful Christmas cookies!
Are you going to bake a few nice Christmas cakes? Here are 5 ideas for biscuits which will make Father Christmas lick his lips!

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What a royal treat!

What a royal treat!

It is easy to imagine important people such as Empress Sissi or Queen Marie Antoinette sitting at small elegant tables dressed with pastries and talking about clothes, tea and politics. What is more difficult to think about is that these women, like us, had their daily favourites…one of them was the passion for sweets.

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